Erste Leasing celebrated 25 years of the company establishment.  It was a big  challenge for KPA and also a responsibility to prepare an event for 400 guests from the scratch till the complete end in all the glory it deserved.  Taken in consideration, that Erste Leasing has roots in Znojmo, claim of 25 years of services with predicate was obvious. The connection to wine region was also reflected in the choice of location. The party town for 450 seated guests was bulit in the middle of vineyards near the National Park Podyjí, on site hotel Vinice Hnanice. We planted a vineyard Erste Classe, enjoyed the beauty of the National Park, we unveiled the mystery of wine, prepared great meals and in the evening we enjoyed of excellent performance of ageless Meky Žbirka. The celebration culminated with water projection complemented with laser show. It was beautiful work in collaboration with the excellent team of client.

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