A long time ago in a galaxy “far, far away”, after the Big Bang,  the planet Alza was created and it has been shining bright green light on us already for 25 years!

Because of our pure love for technology and innovation, we decided to build a strictly guarded zone with limited access – Technology Center Area A-25 in Prague’s Štvanice in order to celebrate the birthday of this green paradise called Alza.

This great gathering was full of newest technological devices across cell phones, devices for Smart Home, electromobility, gaming and other space gadgets “or super normal things for us aliens, that humans are totally out of their mind”, said Mr Alza.

The Area A-25 Technology Center was open to you on the very first weekend in October. And on top, three of you guys won vouchers to buy something on alza.cz in the values that are really not bad 🙂

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